GeekStuff4U has reached the end of its life. Starting Friday, May 23, purchases are no longer accepted on this website;
however, CURRENTLY OPEN ORDERS WILL BE FULFILLED. Details on our blog.
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Woohoo! You've reached GeekStuff4U -
bridging you to Japan since 2004.

Japanese products are worlds apart.

Japan otakus the world over all agree – we Japanese get the best stuff.
Sometimes, though, the best things never make it past our borders.

So what to do?  Buy plane tickets to Tokyo?  Plane tickets ain’t cheap.
Neither is the time you’ll have to take off from work or school,
not to mention the lodging and food and transportation while you’re here.

We're your shoppers in Japan!

GeekStuff4U is the premier online retailer of
Japanese products on the Internet today.

We bridge the gap between Japan and your doorstep.
With over two thousand products to choose from,
we’re bound to have whatever it is you’re looking for!

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